6th IAPR/IEEE International Workshop on Biometrics and Forensics
June 7, 8 2018, Sassari, IT



2018 IWBF – Program Day #1 – June 7th

June 7th – Morning
8:00  Welcome and Registration
8:45  Opening Cerimony
9:00  Session #1 (Biometrics 1)
10:40 Coffee-break and Poster Session
11:15  Keynote Speaker #1
12:30  Lunch break
June 7th – Afternoon and Evening
14:00 Session #2 (Forensics and Security 1)
15:45 Coffee-break and Poster Session
16:30 Session #3 (Biometrics 2)
19:00 Dinner

2018 IWBF – Program Day #2 – June 8th

June 8th – Morning
8:00  Welcome
8:45 Session #4 (Forensics and Security 2)
10:30 Coffee-break and Poster Session
11:00 Keynote Speaker #2
12:30 Lunch and Farewell
14:30 Kiss and good-bye


2018 IWBF – Program Day #1 – June 7th

Session #1 Biometrics #1
DAY #1
9:00 – 10:40

What can a single minutia tell about gender?

Solving the face growth problem in the biometric face recognition using Photo-Anthropometric Ratios by Iris Normalization

Transgender Face Recognition with Off-the-shelf Pre-trained CNNs: A Comprehensive Study

Performance Variation of Morphed Face Image Detection Algorithms across different Datasets


Session #2 Forensics and Security #1
DAY #1
14:00 – 15:45

PRNU-based Detection of Morphed Face Images

Impact of Photometric Transformations on PRNU Estimation Schemes: A Case Study Using Near Infrared Ocular Images

Scores to Opinions: An Application in Smartphone Periocular Biometrics

Efficient Iris Sample Data Protection using Selective JPEG2000 Encryption of Normalised Texture


Posters Coffee-break and Poster Session
DAY #1

Fast Cross-correlation based Wrist Vein Recognition Algorithm with Rotation and Translation Compensation

Face Recognition “On the Move” Combining Incomplete Information

Learning Structured Sparse Representation for Single Sample Face Recognition

Supervised Hashing for Retrieval of Multimodal Biometric data

Age and Gender Classification from Ear Images


Session #3 Biometrics #2
DAY #1
16:30 – 18:10

Using a Generic Model for Codebook-based Gait Recognition Algorithms

Data-Driven Segmentation of Post-mortem Iris Images

Towards More Accurate 3D Fingerprint Identification without 3D Reconstruction

Unconstrained Biometric Recognition based on Thermal Hand Images


2018 IWBF – Program Day #2 – June 8th

Session #4 Forensics and Security #2
DAY #2
8:45 – 10:30

Fusion  Using  Neural Networks for Intoxication Identification

Have you permission to answer this phone?

Detection of Adaptive Histogram Equalization Robust Against JPEG Compression

Use of Creative Materials fo Fingerprint Spoofs